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Last Updated 8-20-2014
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AP Designs by Ann.Pegasi
Sweet Lolita Dresses

Witches & Rats by Almarea.Firehawk
Socks, Shoes, Accessories, Jewelry, & More
MM Board & Group Gifts

Cila by Comilla1023 Resident
Accessories, Dresses, and more inspired by Chinese Design
Lucky Board, Group Gifts, & More Here

Lis by Spinell Resident
Vintage Lolita Dresses
Cute Skirt Gift Here Free

 Hopscotch Poses by Chadni.Khondji
 Poses, Shoes, & Accessories
 Discount Gifts & Dollarbies Here

 Venomous Rage Designs / Rose's Corner by Rose Shadowcry
 Gothic Lolita Dresses, Cosplay, & Slink Appliers
 MM Boards, Lucky Boards, Mini Mania, etc.

Cubic Cherry Kre-ations by Kreao Kujisawa
Cosplay Accessories, Tales, Eyes, & More
Lucky Boards Here

Dark Matter by Digital Enigma
Discount Gothic Lolita Mesh, Flexiwear, Skins, & Eyes
Free Gifts Here

Pantsu Hunter by Tsurine Resident
Sweet Lolita/Cosplay Accessories, Stockings, and Dresses
Midnight Mania Board

Mad Echo by Kitten Mai
Lipstick, Cute Accessories, Teddy Bears, & Gachas

Melon Bunny by MelonBunny
Sweet & Gothic Lolita Dresses & Accessories
Lucky Board Here

ZAN by Zantyago Mannonen
Mesh & Flexi Lolita & Vintage Wear (Furry Compatible)
Lucky Chairs Here

 Porcelain Deacay by Shuna Demina
 Gothic Lolita Hats, Accessories, & Dresses (Toodledoo Compatible)

 Zuri's Jewlery by Zuri Rayna (Represented by Kay Hareshide)
 MM Boards, Mini Mania, & Hunt Gifts

 Amai by Inuoko Shikami
 Cute Accessories & Mouthies (Horns, Donuts, Candies)
 Group Gifts Here

 Kookie Kutter Designs by Darlavontay Resident
 Gothic & Sweet Kawaii/Lolita Accessories
 Majority of Store is only $50L or less

 Neverwish by Pixie Ruby
 Fantasy, Gothic, and Sweet Lolita Accessories & Shoes
 Some items are $10L or less

 Blue Blood by Ghanima Uriza
 Gothic Lolita Dresses, Accessories, & More (Petite Items Here)
 Gachas, Lucky Boards, & Group Gifts Here

 [KRC] KalRaye's Confections by TheRachelRaye Resident
 Cosplay & Video Game Items Kawaii
 Gachas, Lucky Boards, MM Board, & Gifties

 Starry Vanilla by Shotaprince
 Sweet Lolita Dresses, Skirts, & Bloomers
 Group Gifts Here (Cute Cat Ears)

 Crooked Laugh by Itonami Hilltop
 Gestures, Slink Appliers, & Chainsaws

 Doomked by Akumadorobo Resident
 Cute Eyes, Tattoos, & More
 Lucky Chairs Upstairs

 Peachy by Larinda.Ravenheart
 Sweet Lolita & Kawaii Cosplay
 Midnight Mania, Lucky Chairs, & Gachas

 {N} Nerdology by Caronwynn Chau
 Cosplay for both gamers & Anime lovers
 Mini Mania, Lucky Chairs, & Gachas

 Buttery Toast by Faylinn Erin
 Accessories, dresses, & more for cosplay & sweet lolita
 Group Gifts (Group is free to join)

 Tori Tastic by Victoria Macfanatic
 Dresses, Accessories, and appliers
 Everything is $50L or less

 Bad Apple Designs by Vyper Wasp
 Boobie Wear, Accessories, & more.

 Schadenfreude by Allegory Malaprop
 Dresses and accessories for sweet & gothic lolita
 Gachas & Group Gifts

Spooks by Jinxxriddle

Neverland Toddleedoo Clothing by Viivviianleiigh
Toodledoo Compatible

Bamarama by Shanajade
Casual & Sweet Clothing

Sweet Thing by Ayashula
Sweet Lolita Jewelry, accessories, & more

L. Warwick Shoes by Lindsey Warwick
Custom Mesh Shoes & Accessories (Cosplay, Lolita, all types)

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